Sunday, December 30, 2007


On the last sunday of the year, I must say I have a lot to be thankful for. I mean the obvious, I must thank God for the gift of life. The chance to get up and walk. Most people haven't had such an honor. I'm also glad to have my parents and my grandmother in my life. Without them there is no me!!!! They made me the man I am!! What I'm also thankful for is God sending e a loving, caring, understanding companion in the form of my baby girl VERONICA. Yeah, I know mad kissy, kissy, goo, but yo, I gots to be real with ya'll!! 07 had it's up's and downs, but for the most part I loved it!!! I mean like any other year, it's had it's share of haters and those who meant me harm. But, looking back I have to count it all joy. I mean what more could I ask for? I finally got my chance to get in the studio, to lay my raps down. I've also had my face on television numerous times this year. Plus I have deals on the table in the fashion feild. Plus on top of that things are working great this year. I can attribute it all to hard work, prayer and being content. Something that in society is looked down upon. Society teaches us that we have to always be starving and hungry and always wanting more. If I have 6 million dollars I won't stop until I have 10. But, with that you'll never be happy. This is the first year I can sit back and say I am content with life!!! RIGHT NOW LIFE IS GREAT!!!! And yes, my left eye will get the twitching and satin will rear his ugly head. Hardship will come. However, when I think about what god has done for me I can give him the glory!!! I mean, just this year I lost my sister!!! Yes, my blood sister died this year!!! Back in 05 this is a person who I wasn't in good standings with. But, new Years eve 06 was the last day I talked to her. She passed away in May 07. I'm thankful I had my chance to make things right with her. Who knew it would have happened? I can't be mad at myself for the time that was spent treating her like Bill collector!!! I made that choice. But, it wouldn't make sense. I can't bring her back. What I can do, is like I said, be thankful for our last conversation. I've learned it's not wise to burn my bridges with my love ones. We are going to be angry with one another, but we have to love each other anyway. Someone else would be grieving heavy!!! But let's celebrate life today. Hardship is going to happen, but going into 08 let's look at the bright side. When you get a momment when things are going good, reflect back and thank god that he allowed it to happen!!!! Things could be a lot worst!!! Compared to 05 I'm happy to be alive!!!! I was scared for my own life back then!!!! But I Thank God I made it out of that time to witness the turn of 08!!!! Let's just look at the brighter side to life. Further more Let God direct our paths.


Sexy_Virgo87 said...
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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Awww Baby I Loved This Blog I Have To Say This Is My Favorite You Just Poured You Feelings Out In This One. I myself Am Very Thankful That God Sent Me you In The past After My Dad Passed I Felt Like I Lost Half Of My Heart But I Feel As Thought God Gave it To You And When We Started Dating I Got The Other Half Of My Heart Back. Baby i cant wait to see what 08 has in store for us i love you baby♥ Forever And A Day