Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Word association part 2

80's trend: like Jay-z said it, you did it, I had it, got mad at it, I don't want it no more!! Back in 04-05 I was strong on my 80 baby tip. I was wearing Cazel shades and old versace's. I even ventured into throw back 80's kicks and killed em with suits( kangaroos, adidas, reboks, ect). However, there has been a huge serge in people who had been really revamping the whole 80's theme. Like the retro kids, the fashion crew thar took 07 by storm. All of them look like they stepped out a big daddy kane video. Dookie Rope chains, gucci links have also come back. yes in which I had also indulged in. But like every other trend, it gets old.Unless your the retro kids, true trendsetters are over the 80's phase. there on to something else. I can't even tell you the last time I wore 80's anything. it's wild how people are turning the most creative style era into something redundant.

Jim Jones: GANGSTA FOR NO REASON!!! Either he's hatin on Jay-z or he's tryin to originate the whole rock star look, he does it with air of harlem hoodness. Which to me at times makes him look stupid. Like comin at jay. What would it profit him? Jay has more money, has set more trends, and will lyrically destroy Jim Jones. Capo jones is only known for two things, bringin gang affiliation back in style and makin it cool to look like a rock star. it's funny. he said jay is dressin like the whiteman. What is the whole rock star look based off of?

Fred Perry: Hot new british street wear designer. Makes great sweaters. Shirts are o.k. But the item from his line I can't live without are his bags. Everybody's on louis vuitton and gucci's balls when it comes to the accessory bags. But, I'm in love with the Fred Perry Duffle bags!!! Ya'll remeber where you heard it first. Remeber who was stontin with the Fred Perry duffle bags first. And unlike the rest of the line, the bags are never subtle. Fred Perry is plasterd on both ends of the bag. Yes i'm a brand name hog. True duffle bag boy, Fred Perry all day!!!

Pimp C: In ya face rapper from huston who will be missed.One of the Flyest rappers on the huston scene. R.I.P Pimp c

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe Once Again I Like This Blog It Really Peaked My Intrest and I Laughed At What U Said About Jim Jones And How He Said Jay Dresses Like A White Man And His Look Is Based Off Of The White Man. Well Kudos To You I Enjoyed Reading It