Thursday, December 13, 2007

Word Association

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the portion where I decide to randomly shot out words in music, fashion and whatever else I feel and expound on each one.

Stacy Adams: Most long standing and Innovative men's dress shoe company in the U.S.
Also has the best men's dress wear out. Every player, petty boy, or
church goer has to own something from Stacy BABY!!!!

Rick Ross (the rapper): The most Flyest over weight rapper since biggie!!! Hands
Down. Thee man stays fuzzed up in coture labels and mashes
it up with his florida hood statis. Have ya'll seen his new
video with R.Kelly!!!?? Mad fuzzed out baller statis!!!

Pointed toe dress shoes: Most hated shoes in the fashion world, do to the stigma
Surrounding them. They are worn by playboys and Armani
Exchange, spiked haired italin dudes who are out to bag ya
chick. Even though there is a hatred for the shoe, you
can't denie the detail put into the shoes. Besides the
BEST DRESSED man alive MILT-FRESH wears them heavily!!

Chris Brown: Excellent dancer, his singing is cool, but at times I hate his style!!!!
He tries to hard to prove he's on the cutting edge of street fashion.

American Gangster(the movie): A very entertaining movie that is very distorted from
the actual life of frank lucus. I can't understand why
Nicky Barnes was made up to be some sick nasty fuzzed
out player pimp flashy dresser. I mean when you see
pics of him, he's normally in a muted suit and
oversized shades.

Conservative dressers vs flashy dressers: The definitve battle that has been waging
wars since my grandfather was kid. Men who
are conservative dressers are gentlemen
fancy wearing suits that are muted in
colors such as blacks, greys, browns,
and navy blues.They are more geared for the
corperate office. More on the lines of a
Donald trump, Tom ford, or Jay-z(when
dressed up). Flashy dressers, are guys
who dress in bright colored suits, flashy
shoes, ect. On the lines of a pimp or a
a down south preacher. Like a Bishop Don
Juan, Kat Williams, Snoop dog, and yours truley, MILT-FRESH. The wild
part about it is conservative dressers
feel they are superior because of their
muted style. However, the majority of them
are loud jerks who are afraid to wear
bright colors because it would draw too
much attention to themselves. But they
fail to understand the ideology behind
the whole look. It takes balls to wear
a whole lime green suit, with matchin
accessories. It's so striking to look
at. Your looking at a work of art on
canvis. But, in there own was conservative
dressers are flashy in their own way.
Since their clothes are lowkey they
put emphasis in things like their car,
their watches, homes, ect, ect.

Birdman a.k.a Baby from cash money: His rhymes maybe wack cause he's not really
Rapping. He's more so spittin game. But, what
I like is birdman's wild FuZz bigtimer lifestyle.
but do you notice how his style has become more
cool than normal. More leathers, Gucci belts. Yo
ya'll peep the Red Gucci jacket he had 100
million video? It was sick, standin behind the
a million red cars. Yeah he's heavily
advertising his blood gang affiliation. But it's
faze. Jim Jones wen through it. Now it's baby's


Coogi: The perfect come back.

Tom Ford: The god of coture fashion!!!! A legend in the fashion world. I could
never see him as a film maker. He needed his own line!!!!

Ed Hardy: O.K. I dig Ed Hardy. The clothes are most definetly sick. I was sittin
there sayin one day, the clothes remind me of von dutch. But come to find
out, the creator Don Ed Hardy, was the head designer for Von Dutch. The
thing that makes me angry about it is how hood dudes be rockin that junk
out here. I've seen officaial Ed hardy and it don't look nothin like what
i'm seein in the streets of New Haven. By next year Ed Hardy will over
saturated like Von Dtch was. I coulld be wrong. But that'show I feel.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow Babe that Was Long lol But It Was Very Interesting I Love The Way You Put Things And How U Lay Them Out And Break Down Great Job With This One I Would Read It Again Long Or Not lol