Thursday, November 8, 2007


Yo word on the FuZz, I know my baby girl Veronica is going to kill me!!!(Sorry baby girl), But Raven is one of the most sexiest chicks out right now. I had been feelin her since the cosby show days. I even love this chicks style. Say what you want about her outfits, but she proves to be a style kamakazi in her own right!!!! Yo straight up, real fUzZ I be watchin, that's so Raven just to see her!! Yeah that's right!!! A grown man watches the disney channel!!!! Anyway Raven needs to drop them corny chicken dinners and run with winner!!!! I know mad sex playa lines!!! LOL!! oh, once again sorry to my baby Veronica, but Raven is Wifey!!!!! LOL!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yea Imma Kill U Lol Nah But On The Real I Agree She's very Pretty And I love Her Style Too Soo i Totally Agree With Everything Except The Wifey Part Cause Ummm She's Got To Go Threw Me First Lol And Trust me I Put Up One Hell Of A Fight(Excuse my Language)So Like You tell Lil Man Sorry Raven But F.Y.I You Gots To Get ya Own LMAO LOL Love ya♥