Thursday, November 1, 2007

FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuZz: DON C(Kanye's road manager)

Alright for those who are only familiar with Kanye west and the members of the G.O.O.D Music who are at the for front, I have to tell there is more. Meet the person who I refer to as Kanye's twin. His road manager, Don C. The reason why I call him that is because the majority of the time he wears some of the same items as kanye. However, at times he wears them better. YES, SOMEBODY DOES DRESS BETTER THAN KANYE!!!! It's the way he wears his clothes. Like take the Grammy's two years ago where kanye wore the lavender suit to perform in with the white gloves. Don C ends up wear the same suit just in pink. What I loved about it was he didn't wear all pink. He did up a white silk tie, a black dress shirt, white LV millionaire shades. He was killin it. I mean I love that fit. I mean who would have known to use the white to break up the color scheme. that was just so fUzZ. Well I could go on and on about don, but ya got the picks right there.

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