Monday, September 8, 2008


Man just when you think Milt-Fresh couldn't take it up another level, he just ups and kills it on ya'l!!! There are my new Stacy Adams madison boots that just came in from my guys at Classic Mens Wear at the Milford Mall. If you guys are ever in Milfrod, CT you got to do yourselves a favor and hit up classic Mens Wear. Ali and Mahammid are real great guys!!! But back to the BOOT!!!!!! The best thing about them is that they are with this particular shoe, Stacy Adams has found a way to incorperate a classic into there new line. They are a morph between the old madisons and the classic spats that were word in the 20's, 30's and 40's by the likes of the great dapper dancers such as Fred Astair and Cab Calloway. Ver sleek and classy for a serious dresser!!! Yeah this gives ya'll suckaz Somethin more to be mad at!!! Peep the tuxedo vest set!!!!! Yeah, I laid off ya'll last year, But this year i'm back on my Tuxedo Chic look!!! Yeah, i'm stuntin like its my prom picture!!! Maybe a wedding!!! Nah, cause I don't do Tux's to weddings!!! Everybody wears em!!! But trust, it's on this fall, ya'll buch of suckaz!!!!

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