Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cassie joining the Fashion Foward club?

Two years ago I would have never thought I would have been saying this. But, cassie's reaching 100,000 on the style meter. This girl gets the biggest critism about her lack of talent. But every where you turn she's on evrybody's red carpet. She's almost, and i'm saying ALMOST, catching up to the level of Kelis or a Rhianna. The only thing that stands in her way is getting her career together musically. In which she is doing. YO DID YOU SEE THE VIDEO FOR OFFICIAL GIRL!!!!!????? not the best song i've ever heard, but who ever styled her did the sickest job!!!!! The pink dress is raw FuZz!!!!!! And did you see the Givenchy Boots she had on in the begining with the white top and the shades????!!!!! OH, MY GOSH!!!!! I bet millions of birds was killin themselves tryna find out what those were!!!! LOL!! Yo bet, between now and october somebody's gonna be pressin up knock off's for the average chick to afford!!!!! But this is what i'm talking about!!!! As far as style goes Cassie's on the rise. Peep this though, she got the stamp of approval, when she did Kanye's Stronger video. After that I saw her on more red carpets, more magazines, and more internet sites!! But, when you think about it, look whose backing her!!! DIDDY!!!! Just like he's the king of the remix, he's the king of revamping your image! Which is really what she needed. But on the real that chick needs to eat!!!! Chopped bbq, yams, somethin!!!! She's cute but chick needs some meat on her bones!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

lol She Is Skinny. I Totally Agree With You She Does Do Her Thibng When It Comes To Dreesing She Stay Looking Nice I Like Her Style Though. But She Does need A Vocal Coach Because She Is Tone Death And As my Sister Would Say "That Hoe Just Cant Sing" lol Not Calling Her A Hoe But She Just needs Help Musically But Other Than That She Can Be My Other Shopping Buddy Along With Rihanna, Tyra And Kimora