Friday, September 19, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: T. Montgomery a.k.a Peeps

This segment of FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuzZ, I had to use someone who really and trully embodies what it is to FuZzY. Why does he get so much high praise from ya boy? Well basicly because he's my partner in crime in this FuZzY junk. Most of all because along with myself he originated the FuZzY lifestyle. I'm talking about my boy Terone, better known as Peeps the great!!! Many all over the globe know him for his monumental photo on the imfamous style blog the Sartorialist(how many of ya'll can say that?). See what he deal is with his look is he's up on the hottest trends befor they become mainstream. He's masterd the art of mixing and matching items, to create monumental looks. I mean all over the country dudes have been trying to cram their thighs into skinny jeans. But Peeps has been doing it for three years already. Many can not understand the concept behind the skinny jean movement. However, think about it like this, For two decades adults have fought with Urban America with the issue of baggy jeans. The older African American generation have talked the subject into the grave. But see the wild part is, America has gotten used to the look of oversized denim. So much so until the world attribues the jail originated trend with being gangsta and hood. So now when you see pants and denim that's fitted people tend to look at it funny. However, the FuZz one leads the pack showing the world the definition of style. That's what the foundation of what the FuZz stands on. Being original, setting trends, deading trends and making them better. Most of all feeling comfortable in your skin. Keep doin ya thing FuZz.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Nice Entry Babe. Ya Boy Be Doin His Thing He's Truly Unique