Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mr. Cardi Dark back to his old tricks!!!!

Yeah ya'll Newhallville's favorite jerk, Cardi Dark just completed his latest mixtape and I must say i'n feelin it. That says a lot comin from me, cause I don't cosign a lot of people's music. First track is hot, but the number one track you got to listen to it the i wish joint featurin the dude price toot!!!! The track basicly talks about every girl he wasn't able to get with. But, you the irony is dude used actual names of chicks!!!! Very bold move on his part. I wouldn't have done it. But on the real it's a solid joint. The joint is not released yet, but if you want to check out tracks, hit up cardi's myspace oh and good look onn the shout out on track 7.

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