Saturday, September 6, 2008

Milt-Fresh gettin it in at humphry's!!!!!!

Last thursday night was crazy. My partner in this FuZz game Terone aka Peeps Gunna had invited ya boy out to open mic night at Humphry's!!!! Ya FuZz had mad fun at the joint!!!! Dudes was up there goin sick with the spoken word and flow. Well nothin for Milt-Fresh to do, but get up and show his lyrical skill!!!! Some of the the attenders was rather wild!!!! One lady got up sayin some anythng!!! lol! I think that chick had a few!!!! But all in all a great night!!! Yo my boy gunna had pulled a very smooth move at that joint when he performed!!! This for BROOKE!!!!!!! LOL!!! yO i GOT THAT ON TAPE TO!!! That's comin in the next post!!!! might be a lil blury cause the lighting was dark!!! Maybe because ya boy was so FuZzY, oh well!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ok sounds like somebody had alot to say. Great Job Bookie