Monday, March 2, 2009

Passing the buck!!!!

To me in this living breathing toilet bowl we call life, we in society feel a need to pass the burden of responsibility on to other individuals. Why because nobody is willing to take the blame and own up to their mistakes, so it's easy to look at someone else and find fault. The funny part is evey group in society is following the same lead of the two young twins that are pictured up top. Everybody is pointing the finger at everybody else. Taking the bart simpson approach, I didn't do it!!!! Also adding, to the statement, "he or she did it". Where am I going with this? Well being a young black man in today's America it hurts when I see Black People point the finger at eachother. And it's all the groups in the African American body that do so. I'll give us one thing, we've gotten pass the man has been keeping us down statement. Because we've made many strides in the culture since those words were birthed. However, with sooo many strides we take, it feels like we take 80 million steps back. Just by passing the buck. Blacks are willing to say we're our own worst enemy. But when do we stop admitting it and start putting the plan into action. You've got the older generation of civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who feel a need to chastise hip-hop for inflammatory comments about women and the use of the N word. Then you've got the hip-hop generation shooting back at them calling them Media hogs that fathers of illegitit children!!!! Then both groups point the finger at the school system claiming they're not doing enough to educate the students in Urban Communities. Then they claim are the reason for the problems in our communities are the uprise in Gang Activity. Then the Gang Members claim they are the only family that any of them have. Because I work in the New Haven Public School System and have been living in worst hood's in the city of New Haven for 23 years, I see things differently. On the education level, in totay's time school is more than just teaching the three R's. Teachers are supposed to teach manners, discipline, and handle behavior. Everything in whch should have been taght at age 5. How can teachers teach in a school where 95% of your school is Gang/hood affiliated(which was my high school, James Hillhouse High School)? How do you expect a teacher to teach in an environment where a fight can break out between students at the drop of a hat? Teachers put their lives and careers on the line everyday to help students. However, at times the act isn't recipricated. The problems from the hood spill into the classroom. Gangs are claiming they're the only family that many of the black youth have. But what type of family has you brain washed to be a kamikaze piolet for ya gang or hood(yes I know the United States Army)? That's not love!!!!! That love is false. In my years growing up in the Hill i've seen to many of my own closest friends gunned down!! Wild part was it wasn't from the opposition!!! It wasn't from a rival gang or hood. It was in house beef!!!! Emotions got in the way, the hood laws that were once sacred weren't sacred anymore. Personal vendettas became the only priority. Gangs and Hood life in America have become more of a trend than a way of life in recent years. Being Blood, Crip, People, Folk, or whatever ain't like wearin Ed Hardy!!! It's real life, but you say theres lack or role models for the black youth to look up to. There are plenty of role models in the black community. It's just that we feel the ones that are around us are out of touch. They're not cool or hood enough. they can't relate too the day to day hood struggle. Jay-Z a man who has made his way from one of the hardest Ghetto's in Brooklyn, (Marcy son!!!!)to be one of the world's biggest power moguls of today's time, but yet we feel he isn't relevent. In his music he gives you the keys to success. He's told you stop thumbin through the source and read the Robb report. Expand your herizons. But what the young generation can't see past is a pair of Jordans, beef patties, and a Honda Acord. One day if you live pass 23(cause where i'm from it's feelin like the cut off point)you want more for yourselves than just that. We are taght in the hood that the dude across town or that crew a few blocks over are our enemies. And spills over into everyhing else. Why? Because it's learned behavior. The generation under us watched our generation do it. Then Our generation watched the Generation that ruled befor us in the Biggie wu-tang boot camp era. MAN FORGET THAT!!!!! IT'S A VISCIOUS CYCLE!!!! This type of situation has been goin on in the hood since the 40's and 50's. The only issue now was at one point the white man was the soul enemy to blame!!!! Sorry to say this and I don't care who doesn't like it, we've taken up fighting eachother as our new pass time!!!!!! What hurts worst than black on black fisticuffs, are the black on black Verbal assaults. Those have been going on sice the days of feild niggers and house niggers and Malcom X scrutinising Martin for the Non Violent approach, to playing the dozens at a cafeteria table. We don't understand that we speak life and death onto eachother day by day. Theres so much to say about our race passing the buck, I don't know where to start or begin. But if we ever get pass it, we will have made a major mildstone in life. Please Pray.


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I must Say This Was A great Read I Am So Feeling his Blog You Spoke Well typed(Lol) Soo Much Truth Alot Of It I Agree With. Great Job On This One Babe Seriously

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

once again, you're on point with your commentaries.