Saturday, February 28, 2009

Like Martin Luther king I too had a dream, But I understand I'm too flashy for Esquire Magazine!!!!

No the headline isn't a sartorial jab to Esquire Mag's 08 best dressed real man in America winner Kenyatte Nelson(because he can really dress), I just really know that my style is toooo Flashy and gaudi to represent their pages!!!! That's also a line i'm gonna use for my raps, so ya'll wack bitin rappers you know where you heard it from(oh my dude Fitz from Early morning mob and JP's open mics hipped me to dude swagger jackin my bars!!! I love it though!!!!!)!!!! Any way ya boy went shoppin tonight and did a lil shopping!!!! Lil Damage!!!!! We can see the Blue Moon Stacy Slip ons!!! Word on the FuZz those are so OG right there!!!!! So FuZzY Johnson!!!! Finally coopped a pair of GBX Boat shoes!!!! Been wanting a pair for quite a while. Do plan on copping more. I've been feelin like dressin up casual shoes and boat shoes recently. That mullet effect, bussiness on top part down stairs!!!!! Oh had to cop the steve harvey weave joint for summer. I hate buyin summer junk during witer months(but love it when its vice versa)but that was a must. Well next week it will be on again!!!!

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