Sunday, February 15, 2009

BBC Dollars & Diamonds Bow-Ties are sick FuZz!!!

In 2008 I started noticing Pharrell Williams sporting Bow-ties to different events. Preferably Bow-ties with dinner jackets, tux shirt, jeans, and loafers. So when I saw that he introduced $85 dollar Bow-ties to his Multi million dollar BBC clothing line I really wasn't surprised. it was only a moment of time until he started making his version for the masses. And I must say I would wear it. Trust it would go down lovely with my Tuxedo Chic look. The issue is many where i'm from wouldn't be able to appreciate the shock value of it being BBC. Mainly because many in New Haven don't wear BBC(there more wanna be Bape heads, no BBC rockers). However, screw shock value!!!! The Bow-tie is tooooo mean!!!!

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