Friday, February 20, 2009

The FrEsH KiNg is Home CT!!!!!

After being on a long needed vacation from the state of CT ya boy Milt-Fresh Best Dressed is back home. The only real reason i'm glad to be home is because of my pooki girl veronica. Really thats my main reason. Can't front i did have a lot of fun while in North Carolina. Did a lot of shopping While down there. Most of all I used that trip to pray and reflect on things in my life. Which i'm most thankful for. My 9-5 had me kind of in stress mode. But i've learned to just have fun as it comes. Suckaz are gonna come and go. can't help every one. Can't save every onee neither. But i will tell you this, I'M BACK HARDER AND STRONGER THAN EVER!!!! MILT-FRESH IS BACK!!!! Stay tuned!!!

1 comment:

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I'm Glad Your Home I Enjoyed ya Company Last night!!!!