Friday, February 13, 2009

By far the illest concept for a mixtape!!

i'm not a huge fan of Yung LA, but Dro is the illest!!! Ya'll know how I feel about Young Dro!!! Dude is a freakin style beast(was already featured in a For the Love ofthe FuZz segment of the blog). With that being said, i must say that the idea of this mixtape is freakin incredible. black boy swagg, white boy swagg. It opitimizes everything the hood fashion is about. Wearing high end items and giving them a hood edge, which is what dro is great for doing. Dro can rock loafers and still keep it hood. Some would love to say dro is only capitalizing off of the prep swagg of kanye. But lets think about it. He really has never changed. he's still Polo to the flo!! And keeps it gutta as ever. yo the most funniest thing is to see dro's video interveiw on his myspace blog where he's talkin bout his polo swagg and how dudes in ATL are jockin his swagg. You might be wonderin why i ain't talkin bout LA!!! Well he really ain't my cup of tea!! Yo did anybody see Dro's fit on 106 and park/ Red polo sweater, dress shirt tie, whitish khakis, red loafers, and red socks!!! Dro crushed that fit!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Love Dro He Kinda Sexy To Be A Piece Of Chocolate. Besides That He Can Dress