Thursday, February 12, 2009

FuZz in my eye part 2

What's FuZzN yall Ya boy Fresh has got a lot of things on his mind. Job is totally crazy!!! Suckaz be buggin up in that peice!!! Well brotha can't wait to relax!!!! Any way, yo ya FuZz is gearin up for the socond open mic night!!!!been workin on new material to spit at these clowns at JP's!!! Pookie, i'm a smother you!!! I don't care what you say!!!! lol!!!(another inside joke!!!!). Yo I want eeverybody to know technology is freakin dangerous in the wrong hands!!! Everybody needs to know that!! LOL!Can't wait to attack this track Toney hit me off with!!! Already got bars for it!!! Yo I ain't been Man bag coppin in a min!!! I love my Black and yellow Fred Perry bag, I need another joint! Yo i'm freakin mad at the Guys Nylon mag photos of Pharrell Williams!! The youtubr video made me think the pics were gonna really highlight Pharrell's style!!! While i'm on style, I like the fit of most bespoke suits but some dudes take the tailoring too far!!!! This message goes out to Bishop Eddie Long!! Great preacher but homey's arm be lookin like its about to bust out the sleeve!!!! So ya father do Savile Row!!!??? LoL!!I know i'm wrong!!! I need to stop!! Brotha Clockin the sick reversable Fendi logo Belt!!!! Yo will somebody tell me who made the Lexus GS popular? Biggie or Jay? I know it was a brooklyn thing but everybody goes back and forth with who made them popular. Foxy say one thing, lil cease say anotha!!! Dang!! really don't matter! Can somebody explain to me the meaning behind Ron Browz's Jumpin out the window? The video is a wild Ghetto Abstract joint!!! Like a mix of pop champagn and narles barkley's crazy!! Yo Red leather couches are the truth!! Yo I gots to give a shout out to my pops Milton E. browm, Sr. he's a man's man in every sense of the word. A true thinker. When you think he's sleep, he's got both eyes on you. Man his facial expression can tell you more than words could ever say!! But let me say this and i'll be done. A god father hat or a Kangol doesn't make you milt-Fresh. A pair of OG Stacy Adams, Zota pointed toes, massimo mocs, 310 boat shoes, or wallabbe clarks don't mak you Milt-Fresh!!! man lets not even talk about the Dashiki suits cause they can't even get those!!! LOL!! Gold Chains don't make you Milt-Fresh!! What makes you Milt-Fresh is heart, being bold, having integrity, being yourself. Once you have all that, you still can't be milt-Fresh!!! Cause theres only one milt-Fresh!!!! I love this life!!! Til next btime FuZzY Johnson signing off!!!

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