Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sean John belts are for the children!!!

Once upon a time when Milt-Fresh was a young lad in the art of Stuntin FuZz, he used to have a different belt with a wild belt buckle for everyday of the week!!! The issue with that was many brands started to get out of hand with the buckle crayze. As Fresh got older and wiser in the FuZzEd arts he understood that the belt is only a small peice of the puzzle. To tell you the truth your best bet is to get one good belt then to have 50 million mad corny belts(FYI, my belts are always ill)!!! And yes I still cosign flashy belt buckles, but chose the right ones. See it as though I'm really feeling Sean John at this point would advise you to rock with the sean john belts. They have that cool luxery urban feel without having to lean to either side. Even though I love the luxery belts like Gucci, YSL, D&G, Fendi and ECT, they kind of force a stamp of approval on a fit to make it hot. But with an Urban brand or better yet a belt without a wild buckle forces you to have to pay attention to the fit(unless your me and the fit speaks to the masses 10 blocks down the street!!!!)

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