Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playboy's without the bunny!!!!!

So last year I walked into a local men's store(don't like saying their name because they act like greedy sharks who never had a meal when it comes to custumers. plus they think they know black men). I had tuns of shopping bags from other stores, and they wanted to see what I had bought. Well they noticed I had an all black pair of wallabbe clarks. So trying to make a fast buck, dude says why don't you try the old playboys. So I look at em, I wasn't really diggin em. I know back in the day playboy's were distant cousins to the wallys,but the way GBX did it with their color selection kind of turned me off. Well on the beginig of this year I started to see new colors for their selection. And I can't stunt i'm rather thrilled. I seen an O.G. dude who wears nothing but these and rocks the mess out of them. He's got the rust color pair, the baby blue pair, the navy blue pair, ect. But what took me for a loop was this purple pair. These are too rough for the souls of mortal men. But what was turningme off was the drab color selection. If they came in brighter colors they would be more aceptional to wear to even formal functions(if you didn't feel like wearing hard bottom shoes, which is very rair for me). In many cases brighter shoes do stand out and if you feel like getting your inner negro on, and pair4 them just right, even a casual shoe can look dressy. Like most casual shoes thrown with suits look like they're thrown together bcause their feet are tired. And thats how I felt about they playboys, until I saw the alternate colors.

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