Monday, August 4, 2008


Ya FuZz maybe late on this, if so chalk it up to me being consumed into mysellf, but I didn't know Angela was dating Terry Kennedy from Pharrll Williams Skateteam!! O.K. still don't remember who he is? He's Compton A$^ Terry who used to be on MTV's hit show about skateboarding and mutilation Jack@$$(what I don't curse!!)!!! They kept that junk under raps good. I wouldn't have known anything about it if I hadn't of went up on Terry's myspace page. I saved him as a friend back in 06 when I first got up on myspace(who didn't?!! lol!)and I never checked it out again. But I couldn't beleve it. Yo Angela ia toooo freakin sexy!! I'm kind of mad!!! LOL! But, from what I see on his page he's seriously in love with her. And thats whats missing in today's time. It's time out for all that playa junk!!! I ain't gona even get started with that. I've been there done that!! Oh and another thing Terry's style is mean!!!I hope they last.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yea babe u r kinda late lol j/k. But i think they make a cute couple. i sure hope it lasts too. Your right about love missing in this time, And that playa mess is old. Its toooooooo much diseases Floating aroud thats why i'm a one man woman!!!!