Sunday, August 24, 2008

Essential item for every man this fall and winter: The trech Coat

The must have item for the fall and winter must be a trench coat!!! I don't care if its 3/4 length or full length, a man needs a trench coat. O.k. I can't sit here and say that!! I am a lover Full length trench coats. I love the way they flap in the wind when I walk with them open!!! LOL! However I do own a 3/4 legnth joint. Trust me, that bad boy gets work too!!! But the joy of a trench coat is they're great for dressing up or dressing down. Either way they bring elegance to you canvas(your outfit). Cashmere trench coats are a vital must in a man's life!!!!! I own a tan one and let me tell you, out of all my trench coats, its my favorite!!!! in those winter months the tan joint gets a lot of work!!!! Now appose to what the majority feel, i'm a fan of leather trench coats!!! A lot of people frown on them because of the gothic influx/treach coat mafia!!! Like I always say its how you wear an item which dictates it's meaning. A black full length leather trench coat does make a bold statement when on a man!!!! Thats why its necessary to have. Many men opted out for more richer fabrics and leave the cow hide alone!!! But leather is not just a thing for jackets. A leather trench coat is very chic and lavish looking. But no matter which one you choose, the trech will do nothing but enhance your look.

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