Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Favorite Designers of all time: Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld,Karl Kani and Rev Milton Brown, Sr

When the average person thinks about fashion, we tend to look at the brand itself. If someone was to ask you, "whose your favorite designer,?" and your reply is Applebottom or G-Unit, you've straight up missed the boat!!!! The designer is the person who gives the brand or fashion house life!!! And at times if a person designs for more than one fashion house, you can see simularities. Like everybody's favorite over saturated clothing brand for all of you rock stars alike... Yes i'm talking about ED HARDY!!!! the designer behind that camp is Christian Audigier. The same person who propeled Motorcycle/Surfer brand Von Dutch, to its highest height. The funny part is there are a few people in the hood who look down there noses at Von dutch, for it being out of style!!! But are wearing the mess out of an Ed Hardy trucker!!!! LOL! Go figure!!Had that on my mind, just felt like letting it out!!! Any ay, on this entry I want to high light my favorite fashion Designers of all time!!!!

Tom Ford (the gentlemen with the tux and getting into the car with shades): To me Tom Ford is Gucci!!! Matter of fact when I think of Gucci, two things come to mind. Double GG print and Tom Ford!!!LOL! What I really like about Tom is he has that American Man quality about him!! He breaks the mold of the Men's designer steriotype, if you know what I mean? I was very shocked a few years ago when I foud out he would be retiring from Gucci to go into film making. But i knew it wasn't his true calling. About a year later homeboy broke out with his own line, Tom Ford Menswear!!! And I must say his line is a serious reflection of Mr. Ford. Were talking about 70's inspired shadess, well tailored Suits!!!! And my man's choich of advertisment is out of this world!!! What goes through that man's mind is Wild!! I can't even post the pics up here thats how crazy they are. All I can say is google Tom Ford and you'll see what I mean!!!

Karl Lagerfeld (white hair don't care): The man who has been the driving force behind Chanel for ages!!! Now i've never been a fan of Chanel like that, basicly because he's into designing woman's clothing. But his personal style has always intreaged me. This man's style is so FuZzY!!!! It's always flashy and flamboyant. He's always found a way to make the most subtle colors stand out. Plus the man always has a pairr of shades, which lets you this man means bussiness!! Then pair that with the white hair and a ony tail!!! Please!!! He's untouchable!!

Karl Kani: Yes I know, huge jump from Luxery Brands to Hip-Hop Fashion. But Karl Kani has helped revolutionize, hood fashion to the 8th degree. People love to argue who started the whole huge logo theme first. Some say its a battle between Kani, Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. They'll be debating that for years to come, however its a known fact that a lot of Tommy and Ralph's unknown designers, used to frequenly come into his stores to see what type of garments kani was producing. If we take it back to the Godeci days of jean shorts and Combat boots, we do see that a lot of people were wearing Kani Jeans that were embroderd with his staple autograph on the back pocket. My personal memory purchase of Kani was when my mom bought these Black Karl Kani kicks in the sixth grade that said Kani on the side!! remember this was in 96 so don't kill me!! LOL! Man everywhere I went people used to ask me where I copped them from. Cause dudes ain't know Kani made sneakers. A lot of stores didn't even carry them joints. But to me Kani was at its prime around 99-00. Dudes was killin the mess out of Karl Kani Jean suits!!!! He had snoop and nas modelin for him. He couldn't be stopped. His decline came at the hands of other brands tryin to make a name. Fubu, Willie Esco, Sean John, FJ560 ect. He tried to regain the thrown in 2003 when he came out with Kani Life. But people didn't buy into it like it was expected. To be Kani Life was a very serious brand. I had bought a couple pairs of Kani Life jeans my senior year. But, they just couldn't compete with the new crayz that swept the nation at the time... Throw Back Jerseys.

Rev Milton Brown Sr( the gentlemean in the yellow and plaid suit): yes I have to save the best for last. Yeah you can say I'm a little biased on this one, but for real wouldn't you be!!!??? I mean this is my father were talking about! He's one of those unknown talents that the world needs to know. This is a man who learned how to sew in the 60's as a parashoot rigger in the Navy!! From there he went into bussiness in New Haven, CT opening up stores that catter to the Afrocentric/black power movement. The thing about His designs, are strays away from the traditional men's suit. The design spits in the face of conventional menswear. While were at it, it also gives you the finger!!!! Over the years the design has ben perfected restyled, with the help of the person who writes this blog. Its been brought to so many wild levels in the last 10 years. But before that, in 1978 Rev Milton Brown helped put together garments for what was dubbed the second best dressed wedding by the New Haven Register. He has also put together many outfits for a Dance instructor from Harlem who will remain nameless!!! With one of our garments, it forces you to step away from the things you know. By the time you come to him, you have to say I'm tired of looking like everybody else!!! I'm ready for a change. Which forces you to have to come out your comfort zone and become revolutionary!! Which is hard, because everybody can't do that. People love to think they're ready but at the end of the day they're not!!! But thank God For the Brilliance of Rev Brown!!!!

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