Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A breath of fresh air!!!!!

For once Pharrell is not the topic of this discusion. The person who we are going to discusing is the mastermind behind the multi-million dollar empire, A Bathing Ape, non other than my boy nigo. We already know about how his kicks are selling out all over the world, but I just want to talk about his personal style. Now in classic Pharrell fashion, he's another who is allways draiped in bape head to toe. However when I saw this pic of him and Mr. Skateboard at a a BBC store opening, I was rather blown away. I loved the way he's wearing this suit. I really love the fabric that it's made of. Kind of woolish, for the winter months. But it's so crisp on him. I wish I could have seen the a full picture of the outfit. Just because I know he has to have some bapes. I mean, you didn't expect him to throw on dress shoes? now when I see that, i'm going to be floored!!! lol!!!I give it an A. The cap is what keeps the outfit true to nigo's look. Might I add, the suit ishas been well tailored as well. Anyway the king of japanese street wear is showin dudes how to clean up a bit!! It's something I thought i'd never see from him. I mean Pharrell is unpredictable, one min he's baped out, next he's FuZzIn a dinner jacket, dress pants, dress shirt, and bow tie. But until now this is the first time we've seen nigo venture outside of jeans and an oversized bape t-shirt. But any way, kedos for goin hard on em!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

i Love Pharell he is Sooooo Sexy. I Think The His P.I.C(Partner In Crime) Is Sexy Too Minus His Ears lol. But I Liked This Blog Very Informind. I like Pharelss Shirt Makes Me Want one