Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well recently there has been a lot of mixed dialoge, about everybody's favorite R&B badboy/nymphomaniac turned married man Usher. His latest effort Here I stand has just hit stores and your favorite FuZzY boy has gone out and bought his copy of it. I must say everybody I talked to was very hesitent about the project when they heard the first single, "Love in the club" featuring Young Jeezy. But, I was feelin that joint, the way I see it, it's one of those songs they play at the end of the night at the club. I mean the whole night they playin hardcore gangsta junk for them hoodlums, reggae for the freaky chicks to grind to, and reggaeton so affirmative action won't be on they tail. What would they play to smooth it out at the end? The DJ busts out of no where, "It's time for us to bounce ya'll, but befor we go, we gots to send ya'll home right, lil somethin for that female or male who been givin you the eye all night, but you was stuntin on em!!!" O.K. I have been to too many clubs in my time, but that's my song though. Other's would say to me, "is this the best he can come out with?" Most of all many want to say he's washed up, do to his long hiatus from the game to look for love with his stylist. And like the rap game, there have been many new comers who have come for the crown (do Ne-Yo and Chris Brown ring a bell?). But, I must say for the most part i'm feelin the album. It's only three joints I really can't stand. one interesting track on it has to be trading places, where he explanes in deep description how he would want to trade places with his signifigant other. O.K. he ain't on no wild homo junk!!! He's just switching rolls with her!!! Yo junk is rather mind blowing, hard to explain, you really have to hear it for yourself. Another one of my favorite joints is, "the best thing" featuring Jigga man Jay-Z. That is the joint I will be bumpin non-stop!!! I was in love with it since I heard it on memorial day. Basicly that's when he starts his cry about his womanising ways. I mean he actually name drops about past relationships, such as Ex girl friend Chili from TLC and naomi campbell(she's been used goods since the begining of her career). After that cut, that's when he starts revisiting his player ways. I can't give away the whole album, but it's a good body of work. A listener's only hindrance is trying to compare it with what confessions. There will never be another confessions album in the history of R&B. It was the first time Usher exposed himself as a true playboy or player. His image with 8701 and prior was more of a one woman man. Specially when he was dating Chili, they were the perfect couple. Sexy heffa!!! O.k. i'm getting off subject!!! LOL! I feel he's trying to get this whole player vibe out of his system on this album. No matter what it's something that many of men across the planet can relate to. Well I'll say the ones who have lived the life and are trying to bow out gracefully (such as the writer). Well judge for yourself!!! I will say this, he would have been better off if he would have kept that chick as his stylist instead of his wife. I'm tired of this leather jacket stuff he pullin!!!! He been doin it since the Alicia Keys joint!!! Atleast with confessions he had an innovative look, with the Ryan and Kenny blazer button down combination with the fitted. Second pic in the entry is the best i've seen out of the promotional junk!!! DANG I'M MEAN!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well......I Must Agree With You On Some Of This. I Mean I Dont Love In This Club But I Love The Second Version With my Sister beyonce. Yes i love it lol. But I Must Say With Usher, Ne-yo, And Chris Brown. Is That You Have To Respect Them Equally. They All Step To The Scene Diffrently. They Have Their Own Shall I Say "Swag." I Mean Chris Brown Is Driving These Lil Heffas Crazy Right Now Tryna "Take Somebody Down" lol. Kinda Like Usher Did When He First Came On The Scene. Ne-Yo He Is To me Just An Amazing Singer And Song Writer Oh And I Love his Style(Babe He Is Not A T-Rex lol. But I Respect All 3 Of Them Because They All Give Each of Their Fans Whatever They Want. I Also Agree On This Leather mess He Doin. lol He Needs To Calm Down A notch lol. Ok i mean You Dont Mix Business With Pleasure(He Married Someone Who Worked For Him). He Then Chose This Hussy Ova His Own Mama Just Aint Right.