Monday, June 30, 2008

A real Woman!!!

Now after you close ya mouth, the next words out of ya trap is, "Milt-Fresh, I thought you had more class than to have this bootylicious woman on ya page like a peice of meat!!!" Well I did this to prove a point. If you don't have cable, this is the beautiful and curvaious star of the style network show Clean House, Niecy Nash!! She lends her interior desighn skills, sass and style to the show. Basicly the only reason why a black man should be watching clean house. Now other than the big booty flicks, these pics prove she is a very stylish woman. Every event she looks nothing more than stuning!!! However, at the Reno 911 viewing. She stepped out wearing this number that grabbed everybody and they dead folks attention. The reason i'm showing this is because she is a full figured female who is confident in her appearance and steps out bold. I mean we all know the standard of today's society. Skinny is what's in!!! We have been brain washed to feel that, there is one way to be and thats a twig. I mean how long can we live in a distorted world. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!!!! What strikes me in a female is her confidence. And that's what turns me on about my pookie. I mean when she throws the heels on, her walk is so bold. It screams I am woman hear me roar!!! Like I said, I don't do the naked centerfold pics on this blog. When you see women on here, you will see fashionable, well dressed and stylish images. However, I had to do this to represent what a real woman looks like. Yo, I done put down all my celeb wives for this one. Well except for June Ambrose, me and her have some shopping to do!!! But Niecy got it goin on!!! To stand out amognst a crowd of Millions and expose yourself like that, takes guts and balls!!! So she gets the A from me. It's ground breaking for real women every where.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ok Me And My lil sis was just talking about her the other day. She is Vedry Beautiful. And Yes Shes Another Woman Representing For The Curvaceous Females. Now On This Skinny Thing. Skinny Is Not Whats In Please Believe That Ok. Now As Its Been Said Big Woman Are Shade In The Summer And Heat In The Winter lol. But To Be Honest These Skinny Heffas Better Watch It Cause We Big Woman Aint Playin No Games We Are Really Taking Over. Before U Know It Mostly Every Real man You See Will Have A Curvaceous Diva On His Arm. Just Like My Bookie Got Me Watch. Plus You Dont Want No Food From A Skinny Wench lol Now My Baby CAn Eat. And I Can Cook I Came Outta My Retirement Babe I Cook Again lol. But Let A Real Curvaceous Woman Feed you. Its Just Like Heaven And Thats Only If You CXan Eat. But Bookie Great Blog I Love It. Like You Said My Girl Gots Lots Of Style