Monday, June 23, 2008

True freaks come out in the day time part 2

Freak by nature, freak by sight, am I so wrong, for being so nice!!!?? Fool me once, fool me twice, I almost died on that 05 chilly night, All of this to show and prove , dude was hatin cause I had the kangol, fur coat with the roos, Like jigga man I'll not lose, a beast committing all types of savagery,it's like lookin for a toilet when you have to pee, tired of these gays with their faggetry, I'm livin in Rza's world call it a tragedy, Far from basic, Couldn't see if I had lasik, still I see my way through the fakeness, destined for greatness, I can't appologize for my lateness, i'm just fashionably tardy, grandson of hazel and archie, body never touch ed hardy, I'm here to free enslaved minds, give sight to the blind, and still make it home by dinner time, So don't ask me questions about my blessins, I ain't usher ready to start confessin, play me sweet cause i'm the son of a reverend, you can get a peice of my mind in seconds, the spoken word is a deadly weapon, more leathal than a smith and weston, Thank you god for the erection, two more for the conception.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow.....That Was Deep truly Deep It Had Me From Start To Finish That Was Beyond What My Words Can Say It Hit me Hard As Soon As I Started Reading It. Great Job Babe Keep Up The Great Work.