Friday, June 27, 2008

In my hood!!!

o.k. ya boy was enjoyin his few days of summer vacation befor I go back to work,So I decided to chill in my hood with my homey tiff and my Godson isaiah. we was straight actin a fool!!! What we do best!!

All jokin aside I want to give a shout out to my hood, HILLSIDE(4X), i'm proud to have grown up my 23 years in this hood. Every season, i've seen people move in and move out. On these streets, learned a lot of life lesons. That same chinese spot holds a story that will never be told. on those streets its a lot of love. There ain't a time I don't go out on the block and I don't receive love from the people. I appreciate that. I know on the low theres hate on the low. For those who hate I pray for you. For thosee who show love, I show love back. But Hillside, you know I love you. People spread love not war!!! Keep it FuZz!!

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