Saturday, September 5, 2009


I know ya'll ain't see thiz one comin. Yeah I decided to uze myself on the For the love of the FuZz segment. Whenever i'm out and about on the town, going to work or where ever itz alwayz funny to hear people'z perception of my look. The number one thing I hear iz Pimp or player(my old dayz!! LOL! people get stupid with that at timez). Otherz ask am I in the ministry( also true but people get stupid with that az well, i'm a church go-er, but I have to say some church people are ignorant!!). Some ask if i'm into the arts?! Whatever the case itz do to my wild outlandish style of dress!!!! People tend to try to categorize me and further more stereotype me for what my look iz. But when you break down thiz FuZz game I bring to the world, it'z a million different lookz in one. I couldn't say i'm influenced by one thing becauze i'm not. My style iz influenced by the Black Panther movement, the Pimp culture, 70'z swingerz, Greenwich CT Preppy, the LO culture(polo), Southern Baptist Preacherz, 2001 R&B male artistz, the 1950'z mexican zoot suit riotz, Cab Calloway(zoot suitin befor all theze suckz), Fred Astaire, the kingz and Queens of Africa and ect. And if you take the timee to really analyze it you can see thoze qualitiez together. However, people would never get all of that by just looking att me. For one society iz just that supid. For one everybody ain't up on all that. Like me wearing a Dahiki suit iz me paying homage to my dad who started that movement in the 70'z. If I wear a pair of boat shoez be it a pair of Ralph Laurenz, Rockportz or GBX'Z with a polo underneath a dashiki top with itz expressing the preppy side. When I pull out the Stacy Adamz Madisonz, Daytonz, or Concordz (shoez)itz a paying homage to the old school black men/the southern baptist preacher from back in the day. Wide brim hatz and tando jointz speak of the zoot suit culture. See my style iz based on ideology and beleif. Not just random ideaz. It'z bringing together culturez that would never cross pathz through itemz, colorz and brandz. Like mixing a Stacy Adamz hat with a Tommy Hilfiger button down with a dashiki suit and pointed toe Zota dress shoez. Or an yellow Express Sweater with a matching Kangol with denim slackz matching scarf. The key iz also pushing boundriez and being different. Saying to yourself i'm gonna step out hard. Like when I step out with my huge African Crownz, i'm making a statement that few really get. They're just not huge attention rabberz, their symbolz of Royalty. Part of my culture, my way of saying I am king!!!! When I pull out my walkin stick itz not to show im a pimp. I'm payin homage to Fred Astaire and the Aristocrats of the 1920'z. Aristocrats were never caught without a Homburg hat(known commonly az a Godfather hat now) and a walking stick. Put it on a black man he'z recognized az a pimp. But thatz what happenz when society iz misinformed and bound by their ignorance. The key to my style iz breaking through stereotypez. Not being bound down by popular opinion. Holding your head high when your gtting the evil eye and whispers where ever you go. Showing you another form of the American Dream through the eyez of the FuZz!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

:-) Babe what this blog just did was explain ya love for fashion. Of course you gonna have run in with ignorant people with one track mind and half of thembdint have a good reason why they get what they call FRESH they do it for the moment. which ever artist out that looks fresh at that moment is how half them people dress. im glad you have reasoning behind why you dress the way you do. it shows that not only are you a fashion icon you are a guru. Im glad you finally did this blog because people swear because you wear wide brim hats and have canes that your a people they need to open their eyes and realize where pimps got wearing hats from. all i can say is keep doin ya thing babe because its individuals like you that keep the fashion world thriving with life. You are a fashionista. The fact that your confident in ya look makes it the more better. Good job babe.