Monday, September 7, 2009

Heaven haz thick thighz!!!!

Everybody knowz i'm into fly full figured women(FFF, oh i've come up with something LOL!). Itz nothing like a sexy female who haz more to love when their bodyiez are concearned (trust I love my triple F, hey pookie). However, the shallow side of Hollywood doez a poor job of depicting the Triple F type. Yez therez Queen Latifa (but be real with yaself, good looking woman but we all know the story about that). Jenifer Hudson iz a great catch however the media haz kind of over satured her. Other than thoze two, there really aren't that many well known triple F'z out there until now!!!! Meet Donyelle Denise Jones, not sure who she iz? She'z the leader of the Dance Crew Artestry in Motion that performed on MTV'z America'z best Dance Crew thiz seazon. I noticed her when she took on the roll of being Beyonce in one of the challengez. I waz mezmerized by her beauty and figure. Plus by the waz she moved. Right now Donyelle iz my new Muze for the Triple F movement. But my pookie still holdz the key to my heart. But a brotha can alwayz dream LOL! Right?!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I swear when i first saw her group on the show i was happy. i think she is so pretty and yes we fly full figured Divas are the Envy of them all hollywood can choke on a fat one lol because lookin sick and skinny is not whats up great blog babe.