Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've come to the concluzion, that the majority of the people out here are really crazy. If you're reading thiz and you take offense to thiiz, then good, it waz meant for you to be offended. Theze people out here are really seriouzly weirdoz!!!!!! Misguided individualz that really think they are helping society for the common good however they're helping to shape the mindz of more misguided people. The sad part iz when they're powerd by hate and rage. Ready to unleash their energy upon you. So i've learned it'z not good to argue with a weirdo. Becauze their goal iz to make you look stupid at all costs. I mean, weirdoz don't have anything to loze becauze they're already weird!!!! Arguing with them just bringz you down to their level. In some casez i've had to remove myself just to get them out of my air space!!!! No i'm not being mean, i'm being real. Theze people will have you lozing your mind!!!! For their job iz to make you insecure in yourself and the movez you make. Yez theze sound like symptomz of a hater !!! Haterz and weirdoz are cut from the same cloth, but weirdoz go to the extreme with what they do. A weirdoz personal feelingz take over and don't know how to control themselvez. So ladiez and gentlemen join me in the fight against stupidity and just say NO TO WEIRDOZ!!!!

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