Sunday, September 20, 2009


So after a trying day, I decided to hit the town with my parentz and my Pookie. The weirdoz were out in full force but we didn't allow them to stop our time. We went to dinner and from there we went to the moviez to take in the New Tyler perry joint. Deffinetly a tear jerking film!!!! one of thoze moviez where the under dog windz up on top!!! Not going to mess it up for yall, but itz a great film. I enjoy outtingz with my parentz and my pookie. Most people I know are trying to stay az distant from their familiez az they can. But it feelz great to have the love of my family and pookie with me. Therez nothing like it. the only people who understandz me when the rest of the world wishez ill!!!!!

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