Saturday, September 5, 2009

Expressing theze thoughtz!!!

So since spring hit I had been ranting about how Express haz been off their game!!! I've walked into the store a few timez only to find nothing that really caught my eye. Which iz crazy becauze 07, 08 and winter of 09 belonged to Express!!!! THey killed the game. Bought Too many Sweaterz, sweater vestz and mean polo'z from them. Through spring and summer they've been major wack!!!! The only thing that proved to be ill waz their two tone fading color polo'z. Other wize they've been wack. They keep trying to push theze stupid plain ARGYLE SWEATERZ!!!!!! So yesterday, I walk into the Express in the Milford post mall. Now for one it'z a whole new staff working in there(trust me thoze same suckaz won't be there by october). They're looking at me crazy becauze I definetly don't dress like the average person who shopz at Express. So I walk in, se the same wack junk. Corny track jacketz, ripped up bummy disressed denim, wild lookin lumber jack button downz. IM LIKE DANG YA'LL SUCKAZ GONNA REALLY COPY THIZ KANYE TREND???!!!! But I looked to my left and saw theze ill v-kneck sweaterz. I'm talking Violrt pink, red, lime green, and thiz blue joint. So I said, I definetly need that sweater. Definetly will go back to get the Violet Pink. I still feel Express needz to get their weight up with their itemz!!!! Cauze they really suck at thiz point and they're very disappointing.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol babe you went hard on express lol well the shirt you brought looks sexy on you i love it.