Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HUH???!!! WHAT??!!???

Went shopping earlier and saw theze particular shoez. Fairly decrnt shoez, they have that worn in distressed feel that you know I love to hate(if a shoe iz new it needz to look new, if I like it I can wear it out on my own!!!). not the first shoe I'd run to. But I would make it work. So something told me check the inside. Only to behold it waz a southpole shoe. Man I couldn't stop Laughing. Urban wear brand southpole making dress shoez!!! What a venture!!! I remember when it waz cool to wear southpole back in 96, 97 and 08. 2000 on sothpole waz a no go unless you knew what you were doing!!! LOL! Man but southpole making dress shoez iz big. And there not half bad. Will they be in my shoe collection??!!! LORD NO!!!!! Once again could I make it work, definetly!!! Do I want to??!! LORD NO!!!!!!

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