Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FRESH and FuZz!!!!!!!

Shopping to me had been a real boring experience when I got back from the south. All of the storez were full of the same old itemz. And thatz a long to go without finding something ill and monumental that will shake thingz up. Well while shopping I came across theze two argyle sweater vestz!!!! Now everyone knowz I love Sweater vestz!!!! Sweater vest king since East Rock Middle School dayz!!!! LOL! But I hate Argyle with a passion. Junk haz to be totally out of thiz world for me to wear Argyle jointz!!!!! Well today I eat thoze wordz. I found theze two that will really hurt feelingz thiz fall. The joint with the Skullz iz a Marc Ecko cut and Sew. Big fan of Marc'z cut and Sew line. They we're some of the first to capitalize on the trendz befor the market got saturated. They do the best sweaterz handz down. Then the Paisly print Argyle sweater iz a mean vintage peice. You know I love paisley everything!!!! but definetly will hurt feelingz thiz fall with theze itemz. Finally something worth purchasing in the storez!!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I like them babe despite the fact the stores as you put it has been in a drought. but you found somethin today.