Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yo last night at the VH1 Hip-hop honors, TOOO much FuZzN was goin down!!! The event itself was cool, but that Slick Rick Tribute took the show!!!! Well in my opinion!!! I mean did you Busta crush the teal blue wallys!!!???? I told my pookie, i'm not a fan of Robbin people, but I would set it on busta for them joints!!! I already got a couple fits that go down with it!!!! Then in true Slick Rickform he came killin the mess out of the white suit, with the ovr coat collar trimmed in Chilla!!!! Hands down Slick Rick is the Freshest Rapper of all time!!!! I mean look at my dude sittin on the thrown!!!! Nobody is touchin him!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Totally Agree. This Is The Only Part Of The Show Besides Seeing Travis lol. That I Liked. Slick Rick Is The Man. I Was Feeling Every Otfit he Had On. Busta And Fab Mainly Busta Kiled It Too. But Babe Ii'm Down If U Wanna Stick Busta Up For Them Shoes I Got ya Back lol.