Thursday, October 23, 2008


Man it feels like my city is actin like the freakin super market tabloids! People all in my business!!!! Askin me all types of questions, "Where do you live?" "Where do you go shoppin at?" "Why do I dress this way?" "Who do you think you are"? "Do you go to church"? "Where do you go to church at?" "What do you do in church?" "Who do you go with?" "Are you married?" "When you gettin married?" "Are you gettin married to ya current girl?" "How long ya'll been together?" "How long you been dressin like this?" "Why you don't wear regular clothes?" "What make you wear suits?" I mean come on!!!! That's why I felt kanye and don c for smashin cameras at the airport!!!! That joint made the illest statement!!! I mean these suckaz be goin toooo far with this junk!!!! I mean look at what they tried to do to Rick Ross career!! That junk made me mad!! I mean my man is doin good for himself, his style dead right, sold about I don't know how many million records!!!! And you digg up some junk from the past on emm!!!!! People need to get a grip and live their lives!!Be happy with yaselves!!!! Read the tabloid f ya own life!!! you'll probably like whatyou read!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow Babe Sounds Like You Were On A Job Interview lol But I Like This One Alot But That Kanye Incident Had Me Laughing When I Heard About It I Mean I Woukd Have Done The Same Thing