Thursday, January 8, 2009


First of all, HOW DO YOU FIGHT IN THE LOUIS VUITTON STORE????!!! On the real, this fuels what white America has said about having hip-hop be associated with their exclusive regal luxerury labels. However, at the same time it seems the big brawl between Jim Jones and one of the singer Ne-yo's crew member (named vaghn( the brother of childhood best friend of Jay-Z, Ty ty). Jim Jones had to turn himself in after a warrent was issued for his arrest. he was slapped with DAT instead of getting jail time. But whhat's the biggest thing of all is Jones's new perspective on life since the incident. He has been sited with saying the drama with being a tough guy isn't needed, especially with his career. In my head it feels like jones is experiencing his grown man revolation that jay took on years ago. I mean lets talk about the beef itself. How many times you gonna pop off about Jay and talk about giving his boy Ty Ty a wedgy!!! Man jay may have grown up, but Ty Ty and the rest of his constituents aren't!!! No matter how many trips to the south a FraNCE THEY MAKE, THOSE DUDES ARE STRAIGHT FROM MARCY PROJECTS!!!! They're from the hood just like you!!! but it's like i said a couple of posts ago, it doesn't make sense to come back at these haters!!! They just want to see you out here looking crazy!!! And thats how he looks. It's great he finally saught devine intervention, but for years Jim Jones been a trouble maker!! Everybody has followed behind him as him being their cult leader. Helping to spear head the researgence of GANG ACTIVITY THROUGH THE EAST COAST!!!!! Makin young dudes want to become blods and all that junk!!! Man this hardcore junk ain't what it is. Hopefully his fans won't turn their back on him!!!!

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