Thursday, January 29, 2009

God's Son in his element!!!!

Now this is what i'm tallking about!!! Man Complex Mag had Nas lookin crazy last year!!!! But this freakin embodies Nas's style to the fullest!!! Nas becoming the new face of Fila is a great look for the culture. Many years Nas used to Photographed in Fila Sweat suits. He even Rhyhmed about his homey Ill Will being barried in Fila Sneakers and Fila Suit. I remember one interview he did where he talked about how dudes in Queensbridge projects used to get fly in Fila Sweat Suits on Easter Sunday. Then lets not forget about the cover of Stillmatic!!! Need I say more? Nas this is a great look for you. don't allow these suckaz to have you looking lookin like Lupe!!! You are a Trendsetter from the get go! ! FuZz!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Man I've Always Loved Nas When I Saw Him In Belly Man He was Too Sexy lol Ok Ok I Know his Is About Fashion And Wha Not But What Can I Say I'm A Female And He Fine lol