Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bars of death!!!!

Tonight ya boy had to spit down at JP's Ultra Lounge in West Haven. The picyures really don't do this night justice(too much was goin on, and these were taken befor junk started). Yo befor I go on I have to say I straight murderd the Mic!!!! Yo why I hit em with the line, "you rockin jordans, Mich don't even dress like you" man why chicks and dudes started checkin they're feet? You i'm mad niggaz had it on film and lost it!!! Technology sucks!!! It don't matter, matter of fact my boy Fitz who runs the show was taping it for his television show, The Early Morning Mob(My second time on the show. If you live in the New Haven Area, it will air on CTV, People have seen it already). Hovie its all good, cause when I get right you gonna be right(yo do not mess with Hovie, don't let the face fool you, he will let you have it)!!!! AND MOST OF ALL SHOUT OUT TO MY POOKIE GIRL, RONI WHO CAME OUT WITH ME!!! Oh and do ya'll suckaz see her shoe game she layin down on these birds!!!?? Shotey right there is a 10!!!!!! LOL! Inside joke!!! But yo, suckaz was in the crowd was tryna hate to I aired em out on the bars!!!! Blood suckin parasite, you ain't half as nice, if ignorance is bliss, then stupidity is paradise!!!!! Man I ain't writing no more down up here for these sucka biters to steal!!!!! Swagger Jackers!!! Yo I went so hard until I threw the mic over my shoulder at the end of my performance!! I was not playin!!! But all in all it was a great night. remember technology sucks!!! Love peace and FuZz ya'll!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe I had Fun Ya Boy Well Brother Is Hilarious. And Yea You Called A Few People Out lol That Was Funny. Oh Then You Took The Cake When You Threw The Mic Down Lol. But Ya Performance Was Good And You Sounded Great Well You Know Im At The Next Show.