Friday, January 30, 2009

I saw the revolation then he just spoke the truth

What's FuZzN world? Milt-Fresh in the spot for my weekly rant!!!! Man I swear I should have been casted for the lead role in Confessions of a Shopahalic!!! Cause I seriously have a problem!! I'm sooooo in a Tizzy cause I ain't cop the two LO(polo) Sweaters tonight!!!!! Them joints would go down sick in my Sweater collection. Well there is tommorrow. Yeah, I was on my Tuxedo Chic joint this week, FuZzEd it hard with the White Skulled out Mo's!! Finally did the show at JP's!!! Joint was sick. Dudes thought when they heard the name Milt-Fresh, they were gonna get some white T Ed hardy Jean wearing sucka!!! But by the time I got on stage they ain't know what to think. Then when I started flowin they couldn't tell me nothin!!! Rockin Jordans, Mich don't even dress like you!!!! LOL! Yo best Honey BBQ wings in country are at Mama Mary's on Whalley Ave!!! I'm tellin you, ya'll will be hooked for life!!!! R-Les's new video is too mean!!!! YOU RENIGGER!!!! lol!!! That junk is stupid!!!! Any way, til next time, stay FuZz people!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well Told The Truth About Them Niggas And Their Jordans Then Everybody Wanna Look At Their Feet lol Tooo Funny. I Like Them Shoes Too babe