Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yo straight up Saturday was mad live!! Me my mom and dad got up, got FuZzEeD to go to this breakfast my dad's high school reunion!!! Shout out to C.M. Epps Alumni Class of 63. From what I heard over the years my dad was the big dog back in the day,Star football player, known fist fighter(looking at him you would never beleve it), heartbreaker(heard that at the last reunion five years ago)!!! no wonder i'm the way I am, except for the football part!! lol!! I ball out in the retail store!!! The breakfast was mad long, and tirsome!!! But after the breakfastt is when junk live! We went down to 5th street in Greenville to line up for the parade!!! Yes Milt-Fresh Jr and Sr were in the parade gettin FuZz on the class of 63 float(my mom chickened out!!lol!!) !!!! The pics and the video clips don't do that experience justice!!! That was one of the illest moments i've ever had!! I know it was for my dad. To come back to ya hometown and to ride on a float representing your high school!!! I know how I feel stuntin live at Hillhouse Vs Cross fotball game!!!! But you know, we don't do much!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ok The Funniest Video Was The 4th On When You N\Mocking That Loud Lady lol "Get In The Car" That Was Funny But Babe I'm Glad you Had A Great Time My "Soul Man" lol. Don't Be Talkin Bout My Homegirl Talking Bout She Chickened Out CAuse If I Was there I Would Have Been With Her Cause I Wouldn't Be Up There Either lol