Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mad Scientist!!!!

What's FuZzN Ya'll. If your wondering what's going on, i've been on the low for a while. When I get a grip on things Tuesday,I'll really put ya'll up on the happenings. Just some random thoughts going through my head. Number one got my head on right. God has been helping me through day by day. I may not be the best person in the world, nor the most religous, however I will say without God I can't do nothing. He's been making sure i've been safe and sound amongst a scene of calamity.. Had the most busiest and crazy weekend. Saturday was off the hook!!!! can't tell ya about it now. I'll wait when the time is right to put ya'll up on it!!! Been doin a lot of shopping recently. Just know I got some heat for ya'll when Fall comes(oh I do have pics that will be forth coming)!!!! New age trendsetters are bringin back the casio's. Hood dudes are tryin to ball out on the Techno Masters watches. However, I'm becoming a fan of the D&G Time joints. I'm in love with my freakin Rose Gold Joint on. Got a couple other joints on my list(Got a mean Gucci Joint I got to cop too). Even tough i'm late on this, but I was feelin the BET Awards. Wild junk is I still haven't seen all of it. D Wade in my opinion is the flyest athelete in the NBA. Shaq can dress, but D wade is going harder with the wardrobe. Even though Kanye is my favorite Rapper, he is buggin, I got to ride with Ice-T. Soldier Boy is wack!!!! He made want to stop dancing at parties!!!I love Steve Harvey to death. He's one of my favorite dressers, However, I don't feel the shoes he makes are worth $100. I am a huge fan of his hats and dress shirts(I own a lot of both). His shoe designs are nothing to write home about(except for one pair). I miss my Pookie girl Roni. Gots to get back up with her, when a brotha get a chance. I miss that sexy yellow skin of hers. Like I said, just some random thoughts in my head. I got more but I'll chill.

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