Saturday, July 19, 2008

Do I really want to respect his Swagg!!!??

Mr. Kinfolk Kia Shine, out of Memphis, TN. Not known so much for his rapping ability, but more for how much he brags on a track about his Swagg and how fly he is!! I waited five months to do this post, and i just couldn't take it no more. As far as his style goes I find myself strattling the Fence. Dor one he reminds me of slim thug!! Second, his style to me is nothing more thsn this Hood Rockstar stuff. I mean he's no king of hood fashion like Fabolous or Yukmouth from the Luniz(sidebar, if you don't know yukmouth, please google him, as far as hood fashion goes he's been a beast since 99), but at the same time he has a quality that makes you want to watch him. Like in the Krispy video I was kind of feelin his flow with the polo's and jeans. In the wow joint he kind of stepped it up with the Sweater vests, button down, with the jeans. The Krispy track ja cket that had the crispy cream logo was hot. And the Gucci jacket he sported withn the traffic jamz were cool. I'm kind of not feelin certain Gucci peices like that. They killin the mess out of dapper dan!!!! Now the Traffic Jam kicks are ok, its not the first time i've seen bedazzled kicks!!! But he does em ok. I'll say at times I do feel his swagg. Like in these pics he's doin his thing. His jeans, and the Loui Messenger add an extra umph to the situation (even though since they took these pics, every hood dude is killin Loui bags)!! I give him a B. Oh and 36 mafia are some suckaz for comin at dude sideways when he tried to squash beef to bring memphis up!!! Some dudes will never allow an individual to grow!!!

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