Thursday, July 24, 2008

For the love of the FuZz: Veronica Smith a.k.a pookie!!!

Now for the latest installment of "For the love of the FuZz", we are going to take a look at a stylish Female. A Female I know very well. She is non other than my Girl Friend Veronica A.K.A Pookie!!! Now people have always said to me, "whoever your Girl Friend is,she has to be a Fly chick in order to run around town with you!!!" And you know what truth be told, that's a real statement!!!! And my pookie has never let me down thus far. Her style is what she would like to call, classy diva-ish. And living like the true queen she is, her favorite color is Purple. Now this is a girl who lives for heels. She probably has two pair of kicks, but everything else in her closet, are high heel stelletos, knee high boots, peep toes,open toe sandles, you name it she's got it. Aside from her clothes, she exmplifies, what it is to be a true Diva. Now a days, the term Diva has been covered in dirt and rine-stones, by Young project heffas on myspace and spoild snot nose bratty blonds on sweet 16. However, if females lead by Veronica's example, thy would know the do's and don'ts of being a true Diva. For one I know my Pookie Girl would say, "Just because your from the hood, doesn't mean you have to act like it." Now I will tell you, my pookie, is a nice girl, but get on her bad side!!! She will show you what being hood is all about!! lol! SO DON'T MISTAKE THAT KIND SMILE FOR WEAKNESS!!! But what she beleaves in, is not allowing yourself to use the hood as a crutch to stunt your growth. In which many of us from the inner city do. We make the excuse that because we're from the hood that gives us a right to act like jerks!!! And more so for our young black females. OK, enough Diva ideology. However, for those females who are trying to be my baby girl, it's not in those purple pumps you just saw her in. It's in ya confidence. She's a diva wether she's in the Purple Pumps or all white air force ones. And thats what attracts me to her. Keep it FuZz!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Wow.......I Feel Special To Get My Own Lil Segment Once Again lol. But Thanks babe You Sure Know Wifey lol But Everything Down To The End was so true about my divatude and all keep up the great work u know i'm ya #1 Fan