Thursday, July 10, 2008


Now many would says these shoes should only be worn in the summer because of the bright colors, I beg to disagree!!! I declar bright color boat shoes are FuZz all year round. Hey if you can rock bright bapes and air force ones all year long, I most definetly can wrock these all year. the thing is you just have to pair em just right. Say what you want about GBX, but they have been bringin a mean variety of shoes since the mid 90's, when Giorgi Brutini(the parent company to GBX)saught out to battle other Urban Shoe brands such as Lugs and Karl Kani. As the outcome GBX is still standing to this day, basicly because they know how to recreate a shoe. Like they did with the Wallabbees. The Set themselves apart with that shoe, by putting a golden tab on them that said GBX. That lil tab gave a huge distinction between them and other competitors. This is where a brand like Steve Madden is able to come into its own(just stevenmadden has more credit as a fashion brand). But trust I will have a couple pairs come Fall!!!

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