Monday, July 21, 2008

We didn't land on plymoth Rock, Plymoth Rock landed on us!!!

Now befor I proceed with this blog entry, I want everybody to know, I AM NOT A MUSLIM, NEVER HAVE BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE( I EAT TOO MUCH CHOPPED BBQ!!!)!! However, one thing I want to discuss is their dress code as far as the men are concerned. Now through rain, sleet, shine or snow, its nothing to see one of these gentlemen dressed to the nines on the street. I may not agree with their views because I'm a christian, however I dig how they condition each member into beleaving in the value of ones appearance. What I'm trying to covey is with them, the rebuiling process of a person starts within the mind. When most individuals latch on to a religion or group, they're usually at their lowest state of being. Now the individual is searching for something to help keep them grounded. I mean its wild to see a Muslim dude in the Hot sun selling papers, fully dressed to the nines in a suit. The idea is not so much pushing faith, however its a concept to live by for anybody regardless race or religon. I find it funny when people see me around town and they'll ask me aren't you hot with that suit on!!! But i've conditioned myself that no matter how warm or cold it is I have to dress at all times. I mean its summer time, its warm. We all know that. But, as people (mainly black people) we complain about the conditions. Them if we see someone who has decided to step outside of it and show will power, we feel we have to question such attire under these warm conditions. I mean lets look away from the muslim faith. lets look at Coperate America. There is no way you'll will make it as man in that feild without a shirt, tie, sport coat, slacks and shoes!!! I look at Donald trump and i can't imagine a time i've seen him without a suit! Why, because he's projecting an air of confidence and power. The confidence isn't in the suit. The confidence is what activates the it. Like a plane can't fly without a pilot. Body can't Function without a brain. However, It's like I said befor, people want to make fortune 500 money, but they don't want to do what it takes attain it. Casual friday turned has turned everybody into everyday sloppy!!!! If it's 80 degrees lets throw on flip flops and basket ball shorts, oh and because we don't want to see anybody else taking pride in their appearance, we want to discourage their stride!! My lord and savior Jesus Christ has given me another day to live, so i'm gonna give him another day to Stunt on em!!! Everybody asks me, how can you do it everyday? Easly, don't think about!! I forget what I have on, until someone is grillin me in the face!!!! It's just mind over matter!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

The Begging Was Too Funny Mr.Chopped-BBQ. I Must say everytime i see a muslim dude they be sharp from head to toe they ply no games reminds me alot of you bookie. No matter the weather you guys dress the way you wanna dress i always tell my lil sister being hot or cold is a state of mind. But muslim dudes do they thing