Friday, July 31, 2009

All in the presentation!!!

O.k. I must say thiz about the Laser Print patent Leather GBX bootz. At one point I waz definetly against them. The high top turned me off becauze they reminded me so much of theze high end fashion sneakerz their putting out. Which az you all know SNEAKERZ ARE A NO GO ON THE MILT-FRESH EXPERIENCE. Plus a certain shoe site didn't do a great job at displaying them. Which waz also a turn off. However, it waz theze photoz that were taken of them that changed my perception. With the right itemz, you can definetly dress theze up to really look exquisit. I definetly love the water wave design on the side. What i'm saying iz through the presentation, I don't see theze az a sneaker. I look at them az a casual boot. But thiz iz a lesson in presentation. In how you put itemz together to look appealing. I remember back in the day the flyest guyz in high school knew how to make the most unlikly itemz look amazing. Thatz when you know you have style.

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