Saturday, July 18, 2009

Night of the living suckaz: SlaughterHouse Concert at Toads Place

Last night I found myself back at Toads Place for another Hip-Hop performane. Who was performing, you might ask. It was the Magnificent Foursome known as Slaughterhouse!!! Who is that? Well it is a super collective of 4 rappers who individually are sick and out of this world, but together are supposed to bring real hip-hop back. It's the lyrical power Joel Ortiz, The originator of the jump off Joe Buddens, former death row rapper Crooked I and Eminem one time friend turned foe Royce da 5'9. Personally you can better appreciate the groups talent listening to them on a mixtape. Cause they've got serious Lyrical skill, listening to them shout and screem songs at an audiance and the audiance screaming back because of their celebrety doesn't do them justice. As usual it took mad long for them to get on stage. Basicly an hour. But while we waited Suckaz entertained themselves through the night, with make shift Cyphers. Nah I didn't join in, I wasn't feelin their energy. However, the DJ's did kill with a whole set of Capone and Noreaga, Mobb Deep, Nas, all that official 99 junk. Can't front a brother had to cut a step to that. LOL! Mad weed heads up in there lightin up blunts!!!! I hate smokers of all sorts!!!!

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