Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back on my ish!!!!!

What's FuZzN ya'll Milt-Fresh back on the check in, I've been on my chill junk, tryna stay motivated and motivating others in the process. Finally got to go shopping. I'm telling you i'm a shopping junkie. I have to have something every week. Had to buy these ill dress shirts. Love the detailing on them. Right at the current time i'm into those type of shirts. I love flashy dress shirts, maybe they're kind of pimpish, southern baptist, or country western, but thats my taste!!! My favorite item out of this has to be thGiorgio Brutini hat. Yes i'm back on my Giorgio Brutini Mobster!!!! It's been a min since i've used that allius!!!! LOL! But this hat is in between Pumpin and burnt orange. Orange has to be one of my favorite colors. Really every color is my favorite. However, orange and every shade of it can be very striking when it comes to certain items!!! It has the power to draw and connect. But all colors have that power if placed with specific items!!! I was talking to the gentleman who owned the store I was shopping at. And he felt certain items he aquired to sell were rather too much for his customer. But, I explaned to him, you can never judge how far you want the custtumer to go. For some occasions a person wants to be dressed loud and wants to be scene. But, then there are those who want to fade into the back ground. You as a store owner are to supply custumers with what's needed to look how they wish. If you were concerned with the design aspect, you would have become a designer instead of a retailer!!!! But what do I know, I actually wear this stuff and make it!!!! LOL!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I See Once Again You Went Shopping And brought Some More Trendy Items Well Babe Keep Shopping And Bringing Out Many green with envy eyes lol.