Monday, July 6, 2009

Dwele is dead wrong for endorsing such a nasty tasting product!!!!

The McCafe joint is so freakin nasty!!! But in this commercial they make it seem like that cool and hip new drink that everybody needs. But thats the power of putting people in place to endorse products. Dwele whose an up and coming R&B act would be great because he's part of that new age R&B scene, who attracts the type of crowd whos 21-36, black and get dressed up to go to the knitting factory or Sob's to enjoy his type of sound. They are the new movers, shakers, and trendsetters of our society. So lets get him to promote our new type of iced Coffee that tastes like mud with chocolate and whip cream on top!!!! WELL I'LL SAY THIS DUNKIN DONUTS IS KILLIN SUCKAZ WITH THEIR ORANGE JUICE COLATAS!!!! AND THEY'RE NOT TRYING TO CAPITALIZE OFF OF SWAGG IN ORDER TO PROMOTE A PRODUCT!!!! WHY? BECAUSE THEIR PRODUCT ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD!!!! MCDONALDS NEEDS TO STEP THEIR GAME UP!!!1 DON'T MESS WITH THE INTELEGENCE AND TASTES BUDS OF THE BLACK CULTURE!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

lol yes he is i agree with you about dunkin donuts they way better. but i love dewele's voice