Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Alternive Hair do!!!

Within the last year we've had a slew of femalez in the entertainment world decide to chop and screw their long lockz of hair and weavez for a more edgier alternative look. Yez in 09 femalez were starting to embrace their inner rockstar by going for shorter haircutz and even deciding to go for the buzz cut do. The originator of the trend had to be from recent fashionista and future style icon Rihanna, who shocked the world when she decided to go short first. Befor that every female had a great time shaking their horse hair around like they just didn't care. But Ri Ri definetly changed the game. After her every other female followed suit. But through the whole year it became a game of who could out do the other high heel pump wearin bird with a more edgier Rocker hair cut!!! Soon Bad Boy Ent star Cassie waz seen sporting her version of the mullet, one side buzz cut, the other side swaying with long flowing hair. Then Nicole from Nina sky waz scene going short. Wait i'm ahead of myself!!!! Trina went for her version of the Rihanna cut when promoting her Single again record(Marketing her breaak up with wayne, waz a great idea, just didn't help thingz). Recently in the world of wild Rocker hair do's Movie Starlet Demi Moore waz photographed with her version of the rockstar Mohawk!!!! Now definetly i'm a man of style. I understand what self expression meanz to the individual soul. But another side of me feelz it'z a trend humping stunt. I applaud the beyonce'z who stay true to their wigz and horse hair. they are diva'z and their not changing for any fads or up and coming bird headz. The only person out of thiz whole hair frenzy I respect iz Rihanna, becauze she'z the originator. I mean really thiz short do thing iz nothing new. There have been women I know who have been doing thiz forever. I remember when the short joint waz the rage back in 01 and 03 in high school. However, they've never gone to the extremez that they're going now. Demi and cassie in some pointz are kind of going overboard. Itz wild when I say that becauze overboard iz my middle name. On demi'z side I feel itz a mid life crisis thing. For Cassie, she's trying really hard to be promoted az a trendsetting female. They've tried to push her to be that eversince she appeared in Kanye's stronger video. And once your recognized with kanye your on the it list after that. IDK, to each their own.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

i must say these chicks got balls cause i would be scared to cute my hair lol. I must say rihanna br killing it i love her hairstyles